Forte UTAH Bank Janitorial Cleaning Services include:

  • General Cleaning

  • Detailed Cleaning in Entrance/Lobby areas

  • ATM Cleaning

  • Specific procedures for limited key accessibility

  • Specialized cleaning products for certain surfaces such as vault doors



Teller Stations, Offices, and ATMs

Handling money is a daily part of life, and the life of any currency is transfer from one person to the next. As you can imagine the bacterial gathered over a short period of time and deposited at your bank. Forte’s bank cleaning services in Utah ensures a cleaner, fresher, bacterial free environment!

Teller stations, keyboards, ATM machines, and especially money is covered with thousands of germs.  Forte takes care of these “hot spots” for germs using the latest cleaning technology.  Trusted bank janitorial services, such as Forte, knows how to rid your bank of these germs for a healthier, fresher work environment.

Professional and Secure

We understand that security is a top priority when selecting bank cleaning services in Utah. We guarantee that all of our bank cleaning team members are:

  • Insured and Bonded

  • Background checks

  • Uniformed personnel at all times

  • ID Security Badges