Consistent Cleaning Every Month

Forte consistently ranks high on monthly client evaluations.

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  • Dust Free Services

  • Sparkling Floors

  • Clean Desks

  • Fresh and Sanitized


Laboratory cleaning on your schedule!

We realize that in order to not disrupt workflow of certain research and product development labs, flexible cleaning scheduling is needed. We offer day/night porter services along with 24/7 support to assist with these particular needs.

State-of-the-Art Cleaning Technologies

One of Forte’s core company values is innovation.  In this day and age, it is innovate or die.  Forte continuously strives to find innovative solutions for each of customer’s particular cleaning needs.  You can read about some of the cleaning technologies we use here.

With lab cleaning, color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths are an easy way to prevent cross-contamination.  It is a visual indicator helping our personnel reduce the risks of accidents or lab associated infections.

Forte also uses industrial vacuums with 1 micron HEPA and ULPA filters to efficiently and effectively clean the floors in your lab.  A clean workplace promotes safety and decreases the chance of any type contamination.

We’ve used Forte for more than a year now and i have to say they’re terrific.
— Phil Hahn

Uniformed Staff & Secure Lockup

We understand that security is a top priority when selecting the right lab cleaning services.  Whether your facility uses swipe cards or keys, our personnel maintains the safety and security of your lab with strict and secure lockup protocols.

We require each of our team members to wear their uniforms at all times which includes clearly displayed ID name badges and extensive background checks before entering your facility.  We guarantee that all of our lab cleaning team members are:

  • Well-Trained

  • Insured and Bonded

  • Background checks

  • Uniformed personnel at all times

  • ID Security Badges

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