The Front of the House is incredibly important because this is where the customer’s first impression starts.  Because it is the first area that patrons see, judgments will be made the moment they walk through the doors.  You can control their impression by having a restaurant in “tip” top shape.  GM typically want to see the following restaurant cleaning services on their cleaning schedule:


  • High-Dusting of lights, fans, ledges, and any/all horizontal items @ least once a week

  • Wipe down booths/chair crumbs to the floor

  • WIPE down entrance/exit glass doors

  • Vacuum (if carpeted) flooring, ensuring that all debris underneath the tables has been vacuumed

  • Sweep and Mop all hard surface flooring

Breakdown of the ‘Back of the House’

The Back of the House is where the magic happens.  Whether it be an exciting new dish or a recreation of a classic recipe, the Executive Chef and his staff are responsible for creating meals that will bring the customer back. Some of the typical items that an Executive Chef would like to see on their daily restaurant cleaning schedule:

  • The Fryer (drained and cleaned out )

  • The Flat-Top

  • The Grill Tops

  • Kitchen Hoods

  • Kitchen Vents

  • Backsplash behind all of the equipment

  • The Burners, and

  • The Floors

Forte’s restaurant cleaning services provides crews that are up to the challenge of being price competitive while still providing the consistent and reliable cleaning services your restaurant needs.  Our dedicated staff will work with you to coordinate where our restaurant cleaning crews begin and where the kitchen staff stops.  Let us take one thing off your mind, or should I say, plate, and call Forte Utah for your restaurant cleaning services.